Putting safety issues aside

I often ponder how far we are willing to go to solve a problem that we’re not sure exists in the first place. Obama’s environmental fundamentalists would argue that we are a hazard to our own environment, and they’d probably go far as to say that the world must survive even if you or your family does not.Supposedly, the qualifying vehicles under the Cash for Clunkers plan have undergone and passed all safety tests. I wonder, although, have they considered the “getting plummeted by an SUV or Mack truck test”? Cash For Cars Sydney

Putting safety issues aside, we’ve got to think about the economic situation of most Americans. We’ve nearly got a 10% unemployment rate in this country, and Americans have used and abused credit to no end. And on top of this, the government introduces the Cash for Clunkers plan, which entices Americans to go apply for even more credit, despite their current, economic situation. If we comply, we will, after all, gratify Mother Nature and even delight the environmentalists.The worst part of the plan lies in the fact that it relies on a deficit, giving money to an elite few, who can, indeed, buy a vehicle right now, and future generations are left with the responsibility of paying back the gigantic debt. In all honesty, the Cash for Clunkers plan does not benefit Americans, unless you buy into the fact that selling more fuel efficient vehicles will clean up the environment. It literally takes money out of taxpayers’ pockets and throws it back into the pockets of a select few who are able to rush out and buy a new car.